Bakels manufacture a complete range of release agents, made from vegetable oils, for the production of bread and rolls, confectionery and savoury goods. Application can be either by hand or by means of automatic greasing equipment. Bakels can also supply the equipment required to apply the release agents.

The reliable and economical tin and tray greasing medium, ensures a consistent non-stick release of bread and rolls every time. Minimises carbonisation and is not absorbed by the dough. Available in a variety of pack sizes to meet all production requirements. Apply by hand, pad or spray gun and forget about sticking problems.

Available in 25Lt Drum, 800Lt Returnable Tanks.

A vegetable based pan greasing emulsion suitable for all yeast raised goods where manual application is used. No smoke no carbon.

Available in 25Lt Drum.

An all purpose confectionery release agent for the hand greasing of confectionery trays.

Available in 5 kg and 25 kg Carton

A sprayable pan release emulsion specially for the release of cakes, sponges similar confectionery rich in sugar

Available in 20 kg Bucket

Bakels Pan Release E16/10
Emulsifier for customers manufacturing their own pan release emulsion.

Available in 20 kg Bucket

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