Looking for the perfect pastry fat for your Croissants? Bakels Chef Royale Croissant Pastry Fat is a hard fat suitable for use in industrial and food service applications. It is an easy to use product which has a butter flavour and aroma and increased shelf life of ambient and frozen products.

This product is suitable for use in the industrial & food service applications. It is designed to be used as a laminate in the puff pastry manufacturing process. Not suitable for deep frying.

Specialised baking emulsion made exclusively for bakers from pure fully refined, bleached, deodorised and selectively hardened oils.

It consist of a blend of oil and fats and other ingredients and has no allergens.

Perfect for creating light and fluffy Croissants.


Croissants are thought to have originated in Austria. In 1683 when the Turks were secretly digging tunnels under Vienna to make a surprise attack on the city they were heard by bakers working early in the morning. The bakers who raised the alarm and saved Vienna from being defeated by the Turks then baked a special commemorative roll in the shape of the crescent, as seen on the Turkish flag. Marie Antoinette introduced the roll to France where it became known as the croissant, the French word for crescent.