In the bustling world of bakery production, where authenticity meets innovation, finding the perfect balance between tradition and efficiency can be a challenge. Enter Fermdor Active Durum, a concentrated powdered bread improver that revolutionises bread-making, allowing you to craft premium artisan bakery products with ease.

Unveiling Fermdor Active Durum

Imagine a product that simplifies your bread production process without compromising on quality. Fermdor Active Durum does just that. It forms the foundation of your bread production, requiring only three additional ingredients: flour, salt, and water. With just a 4% dosage of the amount of flour, it’s incredibly economical, ensuring optimum cost-effectiveness without compromising on results.

Crafting Authenticity, Every Time

One of the hallmarks of Fermdor Active Durum is its ability to reproduce the authentic taste of traditional sourdoughs. Whether you’re baking baguettes or ciabattas, this product ensures that each loaf boasts full-bodied taste, incredible flavour, and exceptional texture. Say goodbye to inconsistency and hello to a perfect result every time.

Benefits Galore

For bakery owners and operators, Fermdor Active Durum offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Cost and Flexibility: Achieve optimum cost-effectiveness and flexibility in application.
  • Simplicity and Convenience: Shorten your production period for maximum convenience and simplicity.
  • Consistent Results: Enjoy the same perfect result with every batch, eliminating guesswork and variability.
  • Reliability: Ideal for overcoming skill gaps in bakery production, ensuring a reliable result every time.
  • Sales Potential: Maximise your sales potential with premium-tier breads that captivate your customers’ taste buds.

And for your customers, the benefits are equally enticing:

  • Authentic Experience: Indulge in an authentic eating experience with the taste and flavour of traditional sourdough bread.
  • Textural Delight: Enjoy a perfect crust and crumb texture that complements the rich taste of the bread.
  • Freshness: Experience excellent fresh-keeping qualities, ensuring each bite is as delightful as the first.

Born from Expertise

Fermdor Active Durum is not just a product; it’s a testament to expertise and innovation. Developed by the Bakels Centre of Competence for Sourdoughs in Switzerland, it embodies years of research and dedication to delivering unforgettable taste sensations to consumers worldwide.

Versatile Applications

From plain baguettes to baguette varieties, Fermdor Active Durum lends itself to various applications, allowing bakers to unleash their creativity while maintaining superior quality and consistency.

In conclusion, Fermdor Active Durum is not just a bread improver; it’s a game-changer for bakeries seeking to elevate their offerings and delight their customers with premium-quality bread products. With its unmatched taste, texture, and convenience, it’s time to let Fermdor Active Durum become the secret ingredient behind your bakery’s success.

Fermdor Durum Active Brochure

Download the full brochure and follow the recipes for the bread varieties.