South Bakels has launched another delicious cake mix – Choc Victoria Sponge Mix.

It comes in a convenient 12.5kg pack size, great value for money, effortless baking procedure and method and is a stable and versatile mix.

The cake comes out with good volume once baked, and has a rich chocolate look and taste.

Choc Victoria Sponge Mix recipe:

Bakels Choc Victoria Sponge Mix 1.000
Eggs 0.300
Water 0.250
TOTAL 1.550


METHOD: Place all ingredients into mixing bowl. Blend on slow speed to disperse powders. Scrape down. Mix using flat beater for 6 minutes on medium speed. Scale as desired into 6 inch ring/tin. Bake at ±180°c for ±45 minutes or until baked.