Take the stress out of baking and choose ready-made sponge cakes to supply to your customers or to layer or decorate into a beautiful and delicious cake. Our Ready 4 U sponge cakes are a perfect time saver. No freezing or refrigeration is necessary and they have a 6 week shelf life. No baking or thawing is required and you save on electricity as well! Bakels has used world class technology in the creation of Ready 4 U sponge cake to ensure the best quality and convenience. Delicious flavours, available in vanilla and chocolate.

Whether you are creating a decadent layered cake or individual desserts, Ready 4 U sponge cake is the perfect time-saving and versatile alternative.

Sponge Cake Fun Facts. 

During the renaissance, Italian cooks became famous for their baking skills and were hired by households in both England and France. The new items that they introduced were called “biscuits,” though they were the forerunner of what we now consider to be sponge cake.