Introducing our NEW Authentic 100% and Rustic Rye Range. South Bakels Rye Range is internationally inspired and includes a delicious blend of rye sourdoughs.

These easy to bake traditional Rye Bread mixes are perfect for any dish,  whether it be a snack, a sandwich meal or a meal accompaniment.  Dense, rich and packed with flavour, rye bread is one of the highest fibre foods, which makes it a healthy choice. South Bakels Authentic 100% Bread mix only requires the addition of yeast and water, whereas the Rustic Rye Mix requires additional white bread flour. For flavour variations add Rooibos and Sesame seeds or a mixed seed blend to make the perfect Rye bread alternatives.

What is Rye?

Rye, like barley and oats, is an ancient grain that thrives in cold and wet weather. Before modern agriculture and transportation made wheat available everywhere, rye was the best (and sometimes only) option for bread baking in northern Europe, from Russia and the Baltic States, west through Poland, Hungary, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands and up into Scandinavia.

Rye bread goes back to the 12th century, when the Germans discovered rye because a round of wheat crops had failed. Rye tends to grow wonderfully in the cool, wet Northern European plains, and remains the favoured grain of that area.

If you haven’t sampled this Rye bread mix, give it a try. We are sure it will become a newfound favourite for your customers.