Bakels can provide strong product development, manufacturing resource, technical and educational support for virtually any ingredient a baker could need. Whether for bread, pastry or confectionery used by the smallest or largest baker, Bakels can supply the product.

Our full range can be found on our products page, but the main product groups include:

  • ServicesBread Improvers, Dough Conditioners and Shelf-life Extenders.
  • Premixes for Bread, Rolls Pastry and Confectionery.
  • Bakery Fats.
  • Release Agents.
  • Cake and Bread Emulsifiers.
  • Baking Powders, Instant Yeast.
  • Cake Coverings, Icings and Filling Creams.
  • Fruit Fillings, Glazes and Flavouring Pastes.
  • Non-Tempering Chocolate.

The Bakels philosophy, which links together such an extensive product range, is that all our products must be safe, high quality and affordable.

Product Demonstrations

You can contact your local Bakery Advisor to make arrangements for a demonstration of any of our products. The demonstration can take place either in your bakery or on site at one of our Customer Services Bakeries .

Demonstration Bakeries

South Bakels Ltd have onsite Demonstration and training bakery. We are able to hold demonstrations on an individual basis and also with groups representing a chain of bakeries.

The bakeries are fully equipped for a full range of demonstrations and these are carried out by our team of experienced bakery advisors and key account managers.

Equipment Advice

Bakels does not supply equipment apart from specialised Bakery equipment for bulk handling of some products in industrial bakeries.

However, advice is available from your local Bakery Advisor on where to source various equipment and they can share their experience with equipment they have worked with.

(R & D)     

R&DOver our long history Bakels has been at the forefront of bringing Innovative solutions to bakers problems.

All the manufacturing companies within the Bakels Group have the resources to carry out research and development for their local markets. Nominated centers of excellence take the R&D process further and provide know-how to other companies In the group.

All this extensive R&D is coordinated by the Bakels Research company who also carry out fundamental R&D into products, raw materials and production processes. The close cooperation of local and central R&D ensures that the Bakels group of companies is truly " thinking globally - working locally ".


The combination of dedicated and competent staff, global presence, strong companies with extensive knowledge and expertise which is continuously updated by investing heavily into R&D is the guarantee of Bakels remaining at the forefront of the bakery and confectionery industry.