South Bakels cake premixes are made with high-quality ingredients and are designed to make baking cakes easy and convenient. They are available in many different varieties, some of which are featured in this leaflet.

One of the advantages of using South Bakels cake premixes is that they save time and effort in measuring and mixing ingredients. The premixes already contain all the necessary dry ingredients, in the correct proportions. All that needs to be added is the wet ingredients such as eggs, water and oil and then mix and bake. It is that easy.

South Bakels cake premixes are also versatile and can be customised by adding other ingredients to suit your customers preferences. For example, you can add nuts, fruits, or chocolate chips to the mix to create your unique cake flavour for your bakery.

Another benefit of using South Bakels cake premixes is that they produce consistent and reliable results. The premixes have been carefully formulated to ensure that the cakes come out moist, tender, and flavourful every time. This makes them ideal for bakeries that need to produce large quantities of cakes with consistent quality. In addition, with a long shelf life, you can always have our premixes on hand to meet your baking needs.

In summary, South Bakels cake premixes are the go-to choice for any bakery looking to bake delicious cakes with ease and consistency. Try our premixes today and experience the joy of baking without the hassle!