Gerhard Grobbelaar, Managing Director of South Bakels, comments: “We are thrilled, yet humbled, to be celebrating 75 years of success.  It is hard to believe that when we first set up South Bakels in 1948, World War 2 ended only 3 years prior!

Since then, there has been major shifts in both technology and ingredients and because of this constant innovation, consumers can enjoy a wider variety of baked items, breads, and confectionery.  In many countries basic breads play a huge part in being affordable consumption for daily survival.

Over the next decade, sustainability and affordability will be the focus of everything we do in Africa. This includes responsible sourcing, reducing food waste and keeping up with trend expectations in the industry. This effective ideology is important to South Bakels, in that we are constantly finding innovative ways to understand and support our customers’ demands.

In the future, technology will continually advance, trends and ingredients will evolve, but our core business model will not change. South Bakels has always developed and manufactured products that meet customer needs, and with our competent and dedicated employees, we will continue to do so safely and efficiently in order to cultivate long term sustainable relationships and the continuous supply of affordable products.

So that is our story, about what South Bakels has done for the past 75 years and what we strive to continue to do into the future.  With our main focus being you, the customer.”