Banana bread is a bread made with ripened mashed bananas.

It is typically a moist, sweet, cake-like fast bread, however some banana bread recipes are traditional-style raised breads.

Bananas are thought to have evolved up to 10,000 years ago, and some experts believe they were the world’s first fruit.

The first bananas are believed to have grown on the Malaya Peninsula, Indonesia, the Philippines, and New Guinea.

Traders and travellers brought them to India, Africa, and Polynesia from here.

The banana bread that we are most familiar with – a quick bread with mashed bananas – took a little longer to develop. Mostly because baking powder, which gives our favourite banana bread its delightful fluffiness, wasn’t invented until 1843.

South Bakels Banana Bread Mix is a comforting and nostalgic treat that your customers will love. This premix is available in a Full Mix or a 50% Mix and produces a product that is moist, has an appealing aroma and excellent eating quality. Requires the addition of bananas and oil.

Tip: It is best to use overripe bananas when baking banana bread as they are sweeter and offer a more assertive flavour. Overripe bananas can be frozen and then defrosted when needed.

Did you know?

During the ripening process the starch in the banana converts to sugar. That is why overripe bananas are much sweeter and ideal to use in Banana Bread.