The Magwinya / Vetkoek is a South African delicacy that is enjoyed across the African continent. It is a flat or ball shaped bread dough that is deep fried until golden brown. Suitable for any South African occassion.

Magwinya / Vetkoek can be filled with a variety of different sweet or savoury fillings that your customers will enjoy!

South Bakels Magwinya / Vetkoek Mix is a complete mix which only requires the addition of luke warm water and yeast and is suitable for a shorter proofing time. This mix gives a fluffy inside texture and crispy outside texture. It is an easy and convenient mix to make and delicious to eat.

Available in a 12.5kg bag.

Serving suggestions:

These deep fried small balls are usually served hot with savoury mince but are equally enjoyed with butter and apricot jam or syrup or fig preserve – or even cheese and thinly sliced biltong.