The Festive Season’s coming to town! And that means mirth, merriment, and love of all things food. Whether it is moments of indulgence that consumers enjoy on-the-go, or festive bakery products shared as gifts and desserts at family celebrations, you will need to get your range ready for the most popular season on the calendar.

South Bakels is right here to support you this festive season, every step of the way. To assist you, we have put together this annual Christmas Recipe Series to help all bakers offer baked goods that will sell like hot cakes or, in this case, hot mince pies.

From the aforementioned mince pie, which has been on families’ tables for generations, our collection includes new additions like Banana and Salted Caramel Delight Pudding.  Best of all, everything is made using our customers’ trusted South Bakels ingredients which are available from your local South Bakels Branch.

Teresa Swanepoel, our head of marketing, says, “Pardon the pun, but Yule be over the moon with your increased sales! The Festive Season is a magical time of the year, both for families around the world, and for bakers.  With baked goods flying off the shelves, it is a great time to experiment with new creations, but remember, Christmas is a traditional time, so keep lots of room for the Christmas crowd pleasers.”

Our series is full of yummy treats that will be selling into the new year. This collection is just one of our well-tested and well-loved recipe series that we release for top sales periods throughout the year. Our ingredients are, as South Bakels is famous for, of the utmost quality, and creations made with them are sure to wow your customers this festive season.

So, enjoy baking and selling these treats this Christmas.  Your customers will love you for it.
Merry Christmas!


For this Christmas season, Bakels have created simple Point of Sale for you to simply print and cut-out, keeping up the festive cheer while also keeping costs down too. Posters, wobblers and display cards will help make your bakery extra festive this Christmas.


Download our festive social media templates, an easy way for you to showcase your Christmas products and wishes across your Instagram and Facebook pages.