We live in an unprecedented time for our country, as we stand together against a global pandemic that has destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide.

Since the President declared a national lockdown from 26 March 2020, we have made significant progress towards containing the spread of the coronavirus. South Africans have come together across multiple divides, and have shown remarkable determination, patience and solidarity.

We are, however, only at the beginning of a long journey together. For us to succeed in our efforts and protect the lives of our fellow citizens, we will need all South Africans to comply with the restrictions and advice that we have put in place.

The government has created a national campaign to encourage continued solidarity and collective action to fight the coronavirus, which they have begun to roll out across the country this week. The campaign encourages people to “Stay Home, Save South Africa,” and are hoping that it will reach all South Africans in their homes, through radio, television and print media, and in the stores and workplaces that they visit for essential purposes.

We at South Bakels support this campaign, so join us in displaying the official campaign symbol in your stores and offices, to distribute it to your members, colleagues and employees, and to feature it in any advertising or additional campaigns that you create in the weeks and months to come.


Download the white logo version here.

Download the dark logo verion here.