Love is a language spoken through the art of baking, and we are thrilled to present a collection that embodies the essence of romance and indulgence to inspire you this Valentine’s Day. Our Valentine’s Day catalogue, crafted with the finest South Bakels ingredients, is designed to elevate the celebration of love with irresistible treats.

Try these delightful creations:

1. Cake Pops – Blissful Bites with Chockex Chips: Create heavenly cake pops using our No-bake Caramel or Chocolate and Chockex Chips in White, Milk, and Dark. A bite-sized delight that captures the essence of pure indulgence.

2. Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes – A Symphony of Flavours: Elevate the classic cheesecake with our Cheesecake Mix, Strawberry Topping, and Royalty Choc Cake Mix. These mini strawberry cheesecakes are a burst of sweetness with every bite.

3. Strawberry Mousse Slices – Layers of Love: Dive into layers of love with Strawberry Mousse, Strawberry Pie Filling, and Pettina Sponge Cake. These strawberry mousse slices are a celebration of romance on your palate.

4. Red Velvet and Buttercream Stacks – Classic Elegance: Indulge in the timeless combination of Red Velvet Cake Mix and velvety buttercream. These stacks are a visual and culinary masterpiece.

5. Chocolate Hearts – Sweet Tokens of Affection: Mold your love into irresistible shapes using Chockex White, Milk, Dark, and Ruby. These chocolate hearts are a declaration of sweet affection.

6. Cupcakes – Queenly Delights: Bake up a storm with our Queen Cupcake Mix, creating a delightful assortment that’s fit for royalty.

7. Strawberry Meringues – Light and Luscious: Whip up ethereal meringues using Actiwhite and Strawberry paste. These strawberry meringues are a heavenly treat.

8. Strawberry Buns – 20% Sweet Magic: Infused with 20% Sweet Premix, Strawberry Pie Filling, and Pearl Wet Fondant, our strawberry buns are a symphony of sweetness.

9. Raspberry Swiss Roll – Swirls of Delight: Craft a romantic Swiss roll using Swiss Roll Mix, filled with Raspberry Topping and Bakels Delight.

10. Strawberry and Meringue Donuts – Whimsical Delights: Create whimsical donuts using Donut Mix, Pearl Wet Fondant, Strawberry Topping, and Actiwhite.

11. Coconut Hearts – Tropical Romance: Experience tropical bliss with Kokomix and Red Cherry Pie Filling, shaping delightful coconut hearts.

12. Raspberry and White Choc Muffins – Berrylicious Sensation: Bake up a storm with Pettina Muffin Mix, White Choc Block, and Strawberry Pie Filling, creating muffins that redefine indulgence.

As we get ready for the season of love, let’s savour the goodness of South Bakels ingredients, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Love is not just an emotion; it’s a delectable experience – an invitation to savour with every captivating ingredient in our collection.

Happy Valentine’s Day Baking!